About Us

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The Approach

We strive to make a well designed world, one product at a time.

Ab ovo usque ad mala (from the egg to the apples) is a Latin phrase that loosely translates to 'from the beginning to the end'. We look after our clients' needs - ab ovo -  investing emotion and time to ensure that their projects and goals are met.

Meet the Team

We are eager learners. Experienced designers with broad skill sets. Passionate individuals.

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Leonardo Araneta

Founder & Industrial Designer

Leonardo has a background in both Industrial Design and Architecture, bringing 15 years of combined design experience to the table.


Tabby (Tabitha)

Morale officer

Tabby has 4 years of experience in providing a positive, therapeutic and relaxing atmosphere for the studio environment. She is generous with her time, attention, and also the fur that she distributes around the studio.

About you...

We would like to know more about your project.